Work at Because Learning

Why Because Learning

Come help change the way science and math are taught in schools! Because Learning is a growing educational technology company providing engaging experiences to science and math students by creating technology, products, and curriculum preparing them to run custom experiments on real satellites in space. With over $6B available in public and private STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) grants, this is an exciting space to work in.

We are a young startup with a successful round of seed funding

We’ve proven that investors and early adopters are excited about our vision, now we need help making that vision a reality! We’re already being used in over 200 schools around the world and we’re excited to reach even more students. As part of our small team, you’ll have the chance to make a real impact on the future direction on the company.

Education is a space where what you are doing matters

Everyone at Because Learning is here because we believe parts of the education system are broken, and need to be fixed. We want our work to impact students’ lives all over the world by cultivating more interest in math, science, and technology.

We value autonomy, professional development, and life outside of work

Do you do your best work when you get out skiing for the morning and work at 1 am? We understand different people work differently, and we want everyone we hire to be inspired by and love what they do. This means that we try to have people work on projects that are interesting to them, provide the resources to continue learning, and give the flexibility to fit your life in outside of work.

Science is fun

At Because Learning we’re constantly trying to think up ways that we can give students unique and engaging contexts for learning math and science. That means we are on the lookout for creative thinkers who are excited by the idea of designing novel experiments and projects for classrooms or citizen science. We want our employees to be able to explore ideas they’re passionate about that might inspire students, from small classroom lab projects, to country-wide environmental science projects or flying a High Altitude Balloon.

Space is cool

So, you’re not exactly a rocket scientist? Well, we don’t actually work with rockets. But a satellite engineer is pretty close. We have a close partnership with, San Francisco-based, Spire and collaborate with their engineering team on a variety of projects.

Salt Lake City is not the Bay Area

We love visiting the Valley, but we’re always pretty excited to get home. SLC is more affordable, has way less traffic, and, most importantly, is 30 minutes away from some of the best skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and hiking in the country. We are proud to be located somewhere where access to the mountains is close enough that you don’t have to be a weekend warrior. (We respect powder days.)

If you’re more interested in music, good food, and fun bars than outdoor activities, Salt Lake has a surprisingly vibrant scene at a fraction of the cost of a big city. The city has a great public transportation network and lots of new bike infrastructure too.

Customer Success Manager

We take STEM education seriously and part of that philosophy includes the ongoing support and continuing education of our teachers. We are looking for a customer success manager that embraces those ideals, loves science & space, and has a proven track record of successful customer interaction.

This position affords the right person a chance to build, from scratch, a different kind of customer success team delivering a refreshingly personal customer support experience. This requires a well thought out plan that includes a scalable strategy, reliable technology/tools, exceptional support standards, and leadership that reflects a belief that the right support team can make or break a company’s future.

We want to see demonstrated success in the following areas:

  • Successful process management of customer on-boarding.
  • Development of metrics for assessing user success and engagement.
  • Working closely with user experience developers to engineer changes that prevent issues at the root cause.
  • Management of workflows resulting in timely processing and resolution of support tickets.
  • Working with other internal teams on ticket related issues.
  • Development of support documentation. Come up with creative and fun ideas, leave the corny incentives to the big call centers.
  • Several years of demonstrated success managing support teams and implementing best practices. We want to hear your stories of success and your tales of woe.
  • Strong analytical skills are a must.

The following skills are all nice to have (but not 100% required):

  • Experience using tools and technology to diagnose tickets, isolate the problems and determine the best course of action.
  • Strong communication skills including presenting, teaching & leading video conference calls.
  • Experience in the K12 education space.
  • A passion for science, engineering & space.
  • Programming & hardware experience, professional or fun side projects, ideally in C or Python with Arduino or Raspberry Pi.
  • Experience or willingness to learn some basic SQL for custom administration. Work with development team to add important queries into our production admin tools.

We are looking for the right person who is prepared to build something amazing with us.


Front End Engineer

We’re looking for an experienced engineer to work on building out our student/teacher software features and help us scale as we grow. We’ve got a great working platform that is used by schools around the world to conduct science experiments, create and discover curriculum, and help manage, document, and assess Maker projects in the classroom. We have tons of ideas, but we need help taking this tool set to the next level. As a Because Learning software engineer, you would be responsible for architecting major new features and portions of our system – we’re not just ticking off a bug list here. The ideal candidate is someone who has experience building web applications from the ground up and is excited by owning a large portion of product direction and design decisions.

A strong candidate should be able to point to demonstrated success in these areas:

  • Designing & implementing APIs for internal and public use by web applications, mobile, and microservices.
  • Relational Database experience and best practices.
  • Strong working understanding of web application security.
  • Working knowledge of Linux & basic server configuration.
  • Building large flexible software systems from scratch.
  • Strong analytical & debugging skills – can you track down a bug in an unfamiliar code base?
  • Excellent communication skills – we use Slack & Github extensively to coordinate our development, so written communication skills are a must.
  • Interest in professional development and exposure to a wide variety of programming paradigms.
  • A commitment to writing clear, maintainable code using language idioms and best practices.

Our Development Process

Our development process is organized around 2 week sprints and we have daily standups. We are a small team and encourage autonomy, so we do asynchronous daily updates (accomplishments, blockers, collaboration needs) but try to avoid getting too bogged down in process or unnecessary meetings. We value accomplishments, not time-in-office, so we try to optimize our process around allowing flexibility and personal accountability.

Tech Stack

Our website and API are powered by Ruby on Rails, our experiment tools and platform use React and Angular. Our real-time features use Node, and we have a handful of microservices related to our data pipeline using Python. On the database side, we use Redis to coordinate services and Postgres for our primary data store. We’re especially interested in candidates with Ruby, Javascript, React, and Angular experience, but for the right candidate we’re open to other languages/platform experience with a demonstrated track record for learning new technology. Although everyone wears a lot of hats at a startup like Because Learning, this position will be more backend focused, so experience with server management, cloud platforms (we use AWS), Docker, CI, or API design is a plus (although not required). Experience with “maker” technologies including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D printing, etc. is also a plus.

Technologies we use & like:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • React
  • Angular
  • Node
  • D3
  • Git
  • Amazon Web Services & Heroku
  • Python
  • Postgres
  • Redis
  • Arduino
  • Docker
  • Elasticsearch


Operations Manager

Because Learning is growing fast and looking for a talented person to scale up our operations. The ideal candidate is analytical, detail-oriented, self-motivated, and has exceptional problem solving skills. The operations manager is a hand-ons position owning many processes around the company. Candidates should have a passion for automation and continuous improvement. This is an opportunity to work with amazing educators/customers and vendor/partner relationships around the world.

We want to see demonstrated success in the following areas:

  • Continuous improvement of operations processes that support timely customer fulfillment and company fiscal goals.
  • Manage the shipping workflow to include shipping, vendor management, and international customs.
  • Manage inventory and fulfillment process in close collaboration with Accounting and Sales departments.
  • Hands-on production and coaching the in-house light manufacturing staff.
  • Own product quality assurance and monitor production KPIs.
  • Contribute to short and long-term organizational planning and strategy.
  • Strong analytical skills are a must.

The following skills are nice to have:

  • A passion for science, engineering & space.
  • Programming or hardware experience, professional or fun side projects, ideally in C or Python with Arduino or Raspberry Pi.
  • Light electronics skills like soldering, breadboarding… or be excited to learn!
  • Experience managing projects with Agile/SCRUM and/or Lean Manufacturing.
  • Experience administering E-Commerce systems like Shopify.
  • Multi-media skills like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and video editing.
  • Comfortable with video conferencing and leading meetings.


How to Apply

If you think Because Learning sounds like an exciting place to work, we want to hear from you! Please email us at jobs@becauselearning.com with a brief description of your background and why you are interested in Because Learning, as well as a portfolio/CV.

Show us your work. We would like to see a non-trivial samples showcasing your abilities and experiences. Share portfolios, PDFs, drawings, Github profiles, side project samples, OSS contribution or something else. We’ll get back to everyone as quickly as possible.

Because Learning is committed to offering competitive salaries to the best of our ability as an early startup, and we give meaningful equity to all full-time hires. We have a benefits package including health care, phone, and computer hardware stipend. We have a flexibile vacation policy – take what you need as long as you get your work done!