Working 10-24-2017

Learn STEM Through Discovery

What is Because Learning?

Because Learning provides carefully designed lessons to give your child real-world experience collecting data like a scientist, building like an engineer, and solving problems like a mathematician.

Every month, Because Learning sends your child carefully designed lessons created by Learning Experts. Through these lessons, your child will learn how to solve problems and tackle any challenge.

90% of Parents Want Their Child to Study Computer Science

Only 10 States Have Created Computer Science Standards

Why Because Learning?

Working 10-24-2017

65% of Students Will Work in Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet.

But Only 40% of Schools Teach Computer Science and Coding.

How will your child learn how to solve the problems of tomorrow?

Each of our lessons are designed by experienced educators around NGSS learning standards. This helps children learn the most important skills they’ll need throughout life, including:

  • Critical Thinking

  • Complex Problem Solving

  • Creativity

  • Cognitive Flexibility

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making

  • Intellectual Curiosity

Here’s How the World Will Change in the Future:

41% More Time Will Be Spent on Critical Thinking and judgment

77% More Time Will Be Spent Using Science and Math Skills

The demand for Strong Complex Solving Skills will Grow by 40%

New Learning Experiences for Your Child, Every Month

Because Learning Every month, we’ll send your child new learning experiences powered by our advanced Sensor Kit. Your child chooses what they want to learn, then follows carefully designed lessons. Each month, your child will receive 5 new lessons to continue learning.

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How Does Because Learning Work?

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90% of Parents Want Their Child to Study Computer Science

Only 10 States Have Created Computer Science Standards

What’s Included with the Sensor Kit?

When you subscribe to Because Learning’s monthly lessons, you’ll get a free Sensor Kit ($150 value) so you can start experimenting and learning immediately.

Here’s what comes with each Sensor Kit:

  • An Arduino to power real-time data collection
  • “Space Board” sensors (Luminosity Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Ultra Violet Light Sensor, Infrared Thermopile, RGB sensor)
  • Breadboard
  • 2 photoresistors
  • LEDs, resistors, jumper wires, push buttons, slide switches, and more

No soldering required – begin experimenting right away!

Working 10-24-2017

“Because Learning is What I Wish I’d Had as a Kid.”

Our mission is to provide learning experiences so the next generation can solve tomorrow’s problems. Join us and give your child a head start advantage developing these critical skills through real-world exploration!

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