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Because Learning Sensor Kit

Our Sensor Kit includes everything young learners need to start building circuits, learning to code, collecting data, and developing skills for the jobs of the future.

The Sensor Kit is customized for young learners but flexible enough to grow with them.

What’s in the Sensor Kit?

OLED Display

Space Board Sensor

Onboard sensors include Temperature, Light, Infrared, Ultra Violet, RGB Light, Acceleration, Gyroscope, and Magnetometer).

Microcontroller (Arduino-Compatible)

Easily connect the display and sensor to the microcontroller!

Jumper Wires to Build simple Circuits

Resistors (Needed for Some Circuits – 330 Ohm (10) and 10,000 Ohm (10) Resistors)

1 Photoresistor

Potentiometer (Used To Adjust Voltage In A Circuit)

Piezo Speaker

4 Push Buttons

18 LEDs (Red, Yellow, Green)

1 RGB (Red Green Blue) LED that can be programmed to be a variety of different colors

9 Volt Battery Clip

Solderless Breadboard

The Sensor Kit is available as a free bonus for Because Learning subscribers – learn more and subscribe now.

Want to bring the Sensor Kit to your school or classroom? Learn more about our Classroom Launch Pack which includes 15 Sensor Kits and access to our 100+ Lessons.

The Sensor Kit is also available to purchase individually for $216.00.