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Because Inside Every Child is a Scientist

Get new hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math activities for your child every month.

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STEM Programs for Parents

Here’s How Because Learning Works

Wondering how you can inspire creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and other important skills in your child? Because Learning provides carefully designed lessons to give your child real-world experience collecting data like a scientist, building like an engineer, and solving problems like a mathematician.

With over 100 lessons, and more added every month, joining Because Learning means your child will always have a way to explore STEM in the real world.

STEM Programs for Parents

Choose What You Want to Learn

Explore lessons and activities by grade level, subject, or what sensors you want to use.

Explore and Experiment

Connect your Sensor Kit ($150 value included FREE with every subscription) to our custom web application to collect data and run experiments.

STEM Programs for Parents
STEM Programs for Parents

Do Real Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math

Think like a scientist, build like an engineer, and solve problems like a mathematician using real-world data.

Be Inspired

Gain a foundation of critical thinking, complex problem solving, creativity, and other top 21st century skills. Get a headstart for life.

Watch These Experiments in Action

Because Kits + Online Lessons + Fun = Learning

Check out some of our most popular lessons.

Browse by Subject or Grade Level

Solar Oven
Solar Ovens

How fast can you reach 40 degrees celsius with a Solar Oven?

Astronaut Training
Astronaut Pilot Training 2: Reflex Competition

Can you use the basic concepts of a circuit to make a game that tests and refines your reflexes?

Earthquake simulator
Earthquake Simulator

Can you design and engineer a structure that can withstand the force of a simulated earthquake?

Egg Drop

Egg Drop

Can you design or create a cushion that will dampen the impact of an egg when dropped from a specific height?



Does quantity of magnets and distance from the magnetometer sensor affect the strength of the magnetic field?

Will it Conduct?

Do different materials conduct electricity differently?

Our Learning Experts add new lessons every month so your child can continue exploring critical skills for the future!

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“I love the easy-to-use, interactive labs! Our high-altitude balloon experiment showed my class how to investigate changes in temperature vs. altitude from 90,000 feet over Colorado Springs, Colorado. I’ve never seen my students so engaged!”

STEM Programs for Parents

What’s Included with the Sensor Kit?

When you subscribe to Because Learning’s monthly lessons, you’ll get a free Sensor Kit ($150 value) so you can start experimenting and learning immediately.

Here’s what comes with each Sensor Kit:

  • An Arduino to power real-time data collection
  • “Space Board” sensors (Luminosity Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Ultra Violet Light Sensor, Infrared Thermopile, RGB sensor)
  • Breadboard
  • 2 photoresistors
  • LEDs, resistors, jumper wires, push buttons, slide switches, and more

No soldering required – begin experimenting right away!

STEM Programs for Parents

Because We’re Parents, Too

Crafted by our Learning Experts, Because Learning’s courses help your child connect after-school fun with what they learn in class! Our sensor kits and lessons are used in 30 countries and hundreds of classrooms around the world.

“Because Learning is What I Wish I’d Had as a Kid.”

Our mission is to prepare the next generation of learners through real-world experience with science, technology, engineering, and math. Join us and give your child the head start advantage developing these critical skills through real-world exploration!

With over 100 lessons organized by grade level, subject, and sensor, Because Learning will provide countless hours of STEM exploration. Plus, when you join now, you’ll get a free Sensor Kit!

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