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Innovative Coding For Your School

Because Learning gives your teachers the tools to bring essential coding skills into the classroom

Because Learning Home – Administrators

Standards-Driven STEM Lessons to Increase Engagement

Designed for all educators – no coding, engineering, or computer hardware background needed.


Learning resources and tools tailored by grade level and subject


Built around local and national educational standards, such as Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)


Clear, simple instructions for teachers and students – easy to implement into existing curriculum

eHub + Sensor Kit = Engagement

Because Learning provides a cost-effective, custom platform to run experiments, take courses/lessons, and track progress for your entire school. This web-based software communicates with our sensor kits to give your students and teachers real-time experiment data, bringing STEM to life.

Check out some of our most popular experiments.

Because Learning Home – Administrators

Bring “I Built This!” Moments To Your School

Better Classroom Engagement

When students love learning, test scores improve. Our experiments help every student feel engaged and excited to learn.

Achieve Learning Standards

Our Learning Experts design each of our experiments, lessons, and courses around NGSS and other educational standards. This helps your students prepare for standardized testing (and makes your teachers happy).

Impress Parents and Administrators

Students love showing off what they’ve built to their parents. And administrators love seeing the improved class performance due to student engagement.

“I love the easy-to-use, interactive labs! Our high-altitude balloon experiment showed my class how to investigate changes in temperature vs. altitude from 90,000 feet over Colorado Springs, Colorado. I’ve never seen my students so engaged!”

Because Learning Home – Administrators

Created for Educators, By Educators

Our Learning Experts create each lesson to meet NGSS and other educational standards. That’s why districts and schools nationwide trust Because Learning to make STEM learning fun and innovative.

Ben Neiswender

Director of Learning

Lindsey Henderson

Learning Content Manager

Check out some of our lessons:

List of lessons/courses (tbd)
Greenhouse effect

Plant monitoring station
Will it conduct?
Magnets, how do they work?
Crash test
Drum kit

…With many more coming soon!

“Experiment days are the best days of the year.”

Want to chat about how bringing better STEM education to your school or district? Our Learning Experts are waiting to help you succeed in your STEM classroom. Browse our experiments now, or fill out this form to contact our team with any questions.



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