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Because Waiting Inside Every Child is an Active Learner

130+ standards-based lessons by subject, grade level, and sensor. New Lessons monthly.

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Bringing Dynamic, engaging lessons across the curriculum:

Earth & Space

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Upcoming Event

Join our upcoming webinar to see our Learning Director Lindsey Henderson, a former teacher, create a laser particle counter. Then learn how to recreate this experiment in your classroom.

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Newest Lessons

Every month, we add 5 standards-based Lessons. Here’s what’s new.

Solar Oven
Solar Ovens

How fast can you reach 40 degrees celsius with a Solar Oven?

Sea Turtles and Magnetic Fields

Can You Use a Magnetic Field to Navigate Like a Sea Turtle?

Chemical Reactions

What are the signs of a chemical change and a chemical reaction?

Chemical Reactions

What are the signs of a chemical change and a chemical reaction?

Chemical Reactions

What are the signs of a chemical change and a chemical reaction?

Our Data

30 Countries

200+ Schools

130+ Lessons

…And Endless Learning

Case Study: Santa Rosa Schools

Because Learning takes science theory and turns it into hands-on experimentation and data collection for Santa Rosa School District Students.

“Our students across 30 schools are using Because Learning to solve real world problems every day. We’ve put our sensor kits to work on test crashes, high altitude balloons and even in handmade tiny house models to test energy efficiency. There really is no limit to what this sensor kit can do when students and teachers unlock their creativity. Such scientific freedom is what we appreciate most about what Because Learning is doing for STEM education.”

–Jeff Baugus, science and math coordinator at Santa Rosa County Public School District

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Because Learning Enterprise Home


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