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Explore K–12 STEM Grants

At Because Learning, we’re committed to helping you get your STEM learning experience off the ground. But if funding is a barrier, check to see if your school or district offers internal grants for special projects or specifically for STEM. If not, or if your project is broader in scope, here are several resources you can use to explore K–12 STEM grants and to begin drafting your proposal.

Grants & Grant-Writing Resources

Writing a Grant Proposal to Fund an Because Learning Experiment?

Every grantmaker has its own application process and funding priorities, but most have these basic elements: a description of your project and a budget. Here’s a sample to help get you started.


Project Description / Objectives

Elm Elementary requests $3,700 from the School Science Foundation to fund a hands-on STEM learning experience for all Elm 5th graders during the 2018–2019 school year.

With satellite kits and support provided by Because Learning, an education technology company that connects the universe to the classroom, approximately 100 Elm 5th graders (with support from three teachers) will create their own satellite experiments and collect real-world space data over the course of **.

These experiments will give students an opportunity to engage in practical applications of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by using the scientific method and engineering design process to:

  • Design an experiment.
  • Collect data from sensors.
  • Visualize and analyze that data.
  • Compare datasets gathered by other students.
  • Share findings in an online community for student scientists.

In providing an inquiry-based STEM learning experience for 5th graders, our objectives are to prepare students to ask questions, define problems, investigate, analyze data, construct explanations, and design solutions. These skills will not only prepare students for success in middle and high school, but will increase their college and career readiness.

Project Budget

Because Learning license and classroom tools: $3,700

  • Annual access to Experiment Hub for all teachers and students
  • Data streaming, analysis, and storage
  • Teacher tools
  • Student portfolios
  • NGSS-aligned curriculum
  • Professional development resources
  • Customer support
  • Experiment tools:
  • 15 Microcontrollers
  • 15 Sensor boards
  • LEDs and connectors

TOTAL COST: $3,700


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