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STEM Lessons That Grow With Your Child

Because Learning delivers 5 engaging STEM lessons every month, growing with your child from middle school through college and beyond.

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In the Future…

41% More Time Will Be Spent on Critical Thinking and judgment

77% More Time Will Be Spent Using Science and Math Skills

The demand for Strong Complex Solving Skills will Grow by 40%

Is Your Child Prepared?

65% of Students Will Work in Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet. But Only 40% of Schools Teach Computer Science and Coding.

Our kids deserve better.

While coding and STEM programs are coming to more schools, most students are being left behind. How are young learners supposed to catch up with other students who learn these things from a young age?

Because Learning changes all this. With a learning platform based around a high-end Sensor Kit, your child will learn critical coding concepts on hardware that will be used for years.

Give Your Child Advantages for Life

Here’s How Because Learning Works

Give Your Child Advantages for Life

When you subscribe, your child receives a starter pack with a high-end Sensor Kit

Then, every month, we’ll send 5 new lessons to teach your kid critical STEM concepts

Give Your Child Advantages for Life
Give Your Child Advantages for Life

Plus, you’ll get instant access to our archive of over 100+ lessons organized by grade level, subject, and sensor type!

Subjects Include

Earth & Space

Life Sciences





Built to Grow

Our sensor kit uses the Arduino microcontroller platform. This means it connects to hundreds of open-source sensor, displays, ports, and other add ons.

But don’t be intimidated. Because Learning’s lessons carefully guide your child through the basics of using STEM hardware in the real world. Through each lesson, your child will make connections that expand past the Sensor Kit and into the real world.

It’s the best way to learn critical thinking, complex problem solving, creativity, and other top 21st century skills.

What Parents & Educators Say

“I’d tried to introduce my daughter to coding through DIY kits before. $150 and hours later, we still didn’t have even a blinking light. With Because Learning, we had a successful coding lesson up and running in minutes.”

– Ben, South Jordan, UT

“It’s difficult to find material that scaffolds from where my child is to where my child will be. Because Learning is something I know will grow with my child, every month.”

– Duane, Salt Lake City, UT

“The big eye-opener for me is how kids just gravitate to these kits. Reading about science and technology and computer science isn’t going to get our kids where they need to be in our tech economy. … Implementing fun and engaging hands-on learning is the key.”

– Kevin Reeve, co-founder of Logan’s Cache Makers, a STEM learning club for middle and high school students.

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When you subscribe, we’ll rush your Sensor Kit and first month’s lessons to your child. We’ll also give you instant access to our archive of over 100+ lessons.

Then, every month, you’ll receive 5 new lessons to help your child continue growing tomorrow’s skills.

Give Your Child Advantages for Life


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  • Includes free Sensor Kit! (U.S. customers only)
  • Access all our lessons, experiments, and courses.
  • New lessons, worksheets, and more every month!
  • Access to teacher guides and student worksheets.
  • Online support.
  • Paid monthly.
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