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Thank You for Applying to AstroSchool!

We’re currently reviewing applications and will inform you whether you were selected. In the meantime, did you know Because Learning offers over 150 STEM Lessons you can use in your classroom?

Whether you’ve never touched a line of code or are an experienced techie, our flexible Lessons platform supports your curriculum. 

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AstroSchool – Thanks
AstroSchool – Thanks
AstroSchool – Thanks

AstroSchool: Using Technology to Enhance Technology Education

Presented by Because Learning and the Association of Space Explorers (ASE), AstroSchool trains teachers to effectively bring STEM technology into their curriculums.

For one month, participating teachers receive weekly lessons exploring new ways to improve their STEM teaching skills. This includes instruction from experienced STEM teachers, interaction with other educators, and exposure to some of the latest classroom technology.

Teachers who complete AstroSchool earn a certificate demonstrating their professional development. 

Because Learning Sensor Kit Included for All Participants!

Learn what’s included in the Sensor Kit

How Does AstroSchool Benefit Educators?

Teachers who successfully complete AstroSchool gain the following:

  • A better understanding of how new STEM education technology enhances classroom instruction, as well as practical instruction on implementing this technology
  • Access to a virtual community of other educators to share ideas, stories, and support
  • A Because Learning Sensor Kit plus one year of access to the Lessons platform, including over 150+ standards-based STEM lessons designed for the classroom
  • A certificate of completion

What Are the Requirements for AstroSchool?

As the goal of this program is to spread awareness of new STEM teaching technologies, it’s crucial participants share their experiences. This includes giving feedback on AstroSchool course materials and helping provide input for case studies.

Additionally, participants should schedule one hour per week for four weeks to view and complete lessons. They are also encouraged to interact with other AstroSchool participants in an online community.

AstroSchool is free for all participants.

Can Multiple Teachers from the Same School Apply?

Yes – and in fact, it may be helpful if multiple teachers at the same school or district participate. Teachers at the same school can easily discuss what they’re learning during the AstroSchool training. This could help them better implement what they’re learning and improve STEM at their school.

(Of course, it is not required that multiple teachers per school apply.)

What’s in the AstroSchool Curriculum?

AstroSchool participants are exposed to numerous topics that directly improve their STEM teaching through technology, including:

  • Introduction to Coding and Arduino: Learn how basic coding and hardware (such as Arduinos) provide limitless ways to explore STEM concepts

  • STEM Lesson Development: Discover ways to bring STEM concepts into any subject through new technologies

  • Technology Integration: Explore methods of brining the latest technology into your curriculum to achieve learning outcomes

Who Leads AstroSchool?

AstroSchool is brought to you by a partnership between DreamUp’s Because Learning and the Association of Space Explorers (ASE). 

Each AstroSchool lesson is carefully developed by our experienced Learning Team to provide the most effective technology and STEM teaching instruction.

Association of Space Explorers
Association of Space Explorers
AstroSchool – Thanks